Uniting merchants and hire purchase providers across Europe

One contract, one interface, several hire purchase providers
Goods and services can be bought also by foreign customers
Joining is fast, comfortable and free

Why join us?

  • One contract SlicePay brings you tens of hire purchase providers across Europe.

  • Sales to foreign customers You will have the opportunity to sell in installments to customers that are not residents in the same country with your shop.

  • One interface SlicePay interface is simple and there is no need for complicated technical integrations with different hire purchase providers.

  • Higher confidence Applying for hire purchase will be easier for customer – customer will get several loan proposals while filling in loan application only once.

How does SlicePay work?

  • STEP1
    Customer chooses good(s) in your e-shop

    You can set price limit to products that can be financed according to your sole discretion. Hire purchase offer will be made to the whole shopping cart, but maximum limit that can be financed depends on conditions of hire purchase provider.

  • STEP2
    Customer chooses SlicePay as payment method

    SlicePay aggregates several hire purchase providers from different countries and enables to finance purchases even when customer is not resident in the same country as your e-shop.

  • STEP3
    Customer fills in application

    Application with customer data will be sent at the same time to all hire purchase providers that are SlicePay partners and reside in the same country with customer.

  • STEP4
    Customer receives loan offers

    Personal loan offers will be presented to customer within minutes and customer can choose the most suitable offer.

  • STEP5
    Customer concludes the contract

    To conclude the loan contract, customer identification will be exercised. After successful identification process and agreement conclusion customer will be guided back to merchant and the purchase is then finalized.

How to join SlicePay?

Joining is easy and fast. We will conclude contract and implement technical interface. We will provide loan offers from all our hire purchase partners.

  • 1. Send application

  • 2. We will send you API

  • 3. Connect plugin with your e-shop

  • 4. SlicePay is ready for use

What merchants say about us?

  • When SlicePay team first came to introduce their idea to us, it seemed right away the only solution to unite all hire purchase providers in one place. We can use only one partner in the future and do not need to follow different procedures of many hire purchase partners. It definitely becomes easier to offer hire purchase to our customers!

    Heiti Kender, Apple´s official distributor
SlicePay founding story

Priit Puppart In modern financial world there are many new ideas, how to make processes easier for customers. We found an idea, how to do it in field of hire purchase.
Our goal is to cover all Europe with our service in next couple of years.

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